5 expert-approved sleep tips for light sleepers

Sleep restfully & without disruptions with these 5 expert-approved tips

Sleep tips for light sleepers
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For light sleepers, any kind of noise in your home or event that's taking place outside can result in the worst night’s sleep. Any loud banging, bright lights or a partner's incoherent chatter or snoring can be incredibly damaging to your sleep pattern, especially if you wake easily at any sound.

Whether you’re worried about sleeping due to disruptions or you’re trying to fix your light sleeping, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to ensure you sleep better without disruptions. I asked sleep expert, Phil Lawler at Dormeo for his advice and he’s put together 5 tips to help light sleepers improve their sleep and block out unwanted noise.

1. Wear quality earplugs

If you’re someone who’s sleep gets interrupted by noise, you should consider investing in good quality earplugs. According to Phil, “earplugs offer the easiest way of reducing how much noise pollution you’re exposed to during the night. You can now get reusable silicone plugs with different sized tips… and there are even those that are produced to be completely custom to your ear to ensure the best fit.” So, if you want to banish noise from your bedroom, the best sleep headphones can help you drift off quicker and improve your sleep habits.

2. Position your bed in a quiet corner

If your bed is positioned near a window, outside wall or under an air vent, you might want to move it or rearrange your bedroom. Even if you have the best mattress to sleep on, if it’s not in the right place, it won’t do its magic properly. Phil says “you might be surprised at how much you can reduce the level of noise by simply rearranging your room so that you’re sleeping in a corner away from the outer features of your home. It's also worth thinking about moving other items of furniture up against any outside walls as they will add extra noise insulation and muffle external noise.”

Sleep tricks

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3. Invest in a noise machine

Another way to block out noise is introducing a sound machine into your bedroom. “One of the best solutions available for minimising outdoor disturbances are sound machines, which use gentle white noise to mask distractions,” suggests Phil. “They're especially useful for light sleepers who find they are easily disturbed by irregular noises, as they're designed to drown them out.” White, brown and pink noise are all noted to help you sleep better and feel more relaxed, so they have many benefits other than masking noise. If you’re interested in noise machines, see our explanation guide to what is a white noise machine? for more.

4. Exercise

Before you get into bed, exercising can help you fall asleep faster and fall into a deeper sleep at night. Phil says by burning off energy before bed, it can “help foster relaxation and improve your sleep pattern.” By falling into a deeper sleep, there’s “more chance of your body blocking out external noises and reducing night-time awakenings. However late-night exercise can increase your body temperature and lead to your body overheating so make sure not to exercise right before bed.”

5. Upgrade your windows or curtains

The last tip is making a few upgrades to your windows and curtains to improve their noise cancellation. Double or triple glazed windows are brilliant at minimising your noise levels or you can check that your current windows have no small gaps so they don’t let any drafts or noise seep in. As windows are quite a big purchase, “another option is investing in soundproof curtains that absorb and dampen sounds. Suede and polyester are quality options for the best soundproof curtains.”

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