Winter is coming: the top tech for battling the cold

The tech that can help you stay safe and warm

If you live in the northern hemisphere then you'll have notice the nights getting longer, the darkness drawing in, Christmas decorations appearing way too early... and of course the weather getting a lot cooler too. Don't panic yet on that last issue, because tech can help!

We've rounded up some of our favourite gadgets for battling the cold or just making it through the winter months in one piece - from gloves that help you text in freezing temperatures to home weather stations that enable you to predict the next cold snap.

USB cup warmer

Ah, the classic USB-powered cup warmer gadget: there are more of these devices out there than you might think, but we like this one because it's shaped like an Oreo cookie, it's cheap, and it extends your drinking time for up to 30 minutes from any USB port.

£7.99 | Buy Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer

Moshi Digits touchscreen gloves

When the temperature is plummeting, you don't want to be taking your gloves off to operate your phone and reply to that important WhatsApp. The solution is these special gloves, designed to both keep your hands toasty and register taps on a screen as normal.

£25 | Buy Moshi Digits

Nest thermostat

Of course your central heating will be one of your primary weapons in the fight against the cold, and the Nest is leading the charge of smart thermostats - get it fired up from wherever you are with a tap on your phone, and have it automatically learn your habits.

£249 | Buy Nest thermostat

Zippo hand warmer

Let your friends' fingers freeze off - yours can stay nice and heated thanks to the Zippo hand warmer, which uses regular lighter fluid and apparently lasts for up to 12 hours. There are a variety of colours and designs to pick from, and a warming bag is included.

£20.75 and above | Buy Zippo hand warmer

Dyson Hot + Cool heater

It's expensive, but it does the job, whether you want to heat up or cool down a room (remember summer?). Focus a single blast of heat or let the Dyson Hot + Cool apply a more diffuse effect, and Dyson promises it's quieter and more efficient than its rivals.

£400 | Buy Dyson Hot + Cool

Mydeal Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

We can't in all honesty promise that you're going to get excellent audio quality from this combination of headgear and audio equipment, but it will definitely keep your ears warm while you're out and about - and you don't even have to worry about a headphone jack.

£29.99 | Buy Mydeal Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Flexwarm heated jacket

A toasty jacket is essential for these winter months and if you want to go hi-tech then the heated Flexwarm jacket is a fine choice. The only downside is, you can't yet buy this Indiegogo-funded piece of apparel, but it should go on sale in the near future.

$349 (about £280) | Buy Flexwarm heated jacket

Ravean heated sleeping bag liner

Give your standard sleeping bag a heated upgrade and never feel cold when camping again. If you're going camping over Christmas (?!) then one of these adjustable liners will last you 12 hours on a single charge, plus they're lightweight and fully machine washable.

$199.95 (about £160) | Buy Ravean heated sleeping bag liner

Toro Snow Blower

Get serious with the snow on your driveway with this heavy-duty petrol-powered Snow Blower from Toro, which should make short work of the frozen water on your property. It's pretty pricey but perhaps you could hire out your services to the rest of the street too.

£577 | Buy Toro Snow Blower

Ultrasport heated insoles

Even if the rest of you is freezing, your feet don't have to be - simply add these Ultrasport heated insoles to your regular footwear and you're ready to go. They can fit any size shoe and work through a rechargeable battery that gives you up to eight hours of warmth.

£43.99 | Buy Ultrasport heated insoles

Toast heated pillow

Retreat from the snow and ice and snuggle up at home with the help of the Toast heated pillow (it's actually in the shape of a slice of toast). It recharges via a standard microUSB port and can stay warm for up to four hours... plus it won't leave crumbs all over your sofa.

£29.99 | Buy Toast heated pillow

Netatmo Weather Station

The Netatmo Weather Station lets you keep on top of all kinds of measurements around your home, including temperature, helping you to spot when the next cold snap is about to hit so you can do something about it. It's easily controlled from your smartphone too.

£129.99 | Buy Netatmo Weather Station