T3 Awards 2019: the finest TV you can buy for under £1000 is Philips 7334

A great blend of style, image quality and Philips Hue-style back-lighting

T3 Awards 2019: Philips 55PUS7334/12

Looking for the best new TV under £1,000? This one is so new that it's not quite out yet. The 4K HDR Philips 7334 LED television (or 55PUS7334/12 to give it its full title) was set for release by now but has been delayed just a smidge. We liked it so much that we are still crowning it Best TV under £1,000 in the 2019 T3 Awards.

While there are a lot of fantastic TVs around the £1000 mark, some cut corners in one or two areas in order to force the price down. The Philips' 7334, by contrast (and it has excellent contrast), really is the complete package. 

The styling is contemporary and chic, and looks and feels premium. Image quality is excellent, with picture modes to suit all tastes, from ultra vivid (perhaps a bit excessively so, if anything) to tastefully cinematic. Motion is well handled and there's support for HDR including Dolby Vision. Native 4K and upscaled HD looks excellent, but it really flies with Dolby Vision fodder from Amazon Prime or Netflix. The built-in speakers are surprisingly good, and the 7334 thunderously outputs Dolby Atmos to compatible speakers and soundbars.

Completing the package, there's Philips' unique Ambilight. This picks on-screen colours and repeats them using LED lights arrayed along the top and sides of the TV. This bathes the wall behind the 7334 with coloured light in ways that can be subtle and soothing, or energising. It's almost entirely unnecessary, but it does add a certain something to the experience. If you have colour Philips Hue bulbs, you can even extend this complimentary colour effect to those, as well.

All the key catch-up and streaming apps can be accessed via the Android TV OS and there's inputs for both aerial and satellite. Google Assistant and voice control of the TV is built in, and Alexa can be used via your Amazon Echo device. It's a lot of TV for your money.

Duncan Bell
Duncan Bell

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