Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra arms up with S-Pen to demolish iPhone 13

The high end Galaxy S21 Ultra not only offers S-Pen support, but will ship with the stylus at some retailers

Samsung Galaxy S21
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The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is poised for its January launch, and while we know that all three models will support the S-Pen stylus, it seems that the premium Galaxy S21 Ultra will ship with it. 

Unlike the Note series, the Galaxy S21 Ultra – or any of the other variants – won't feature dedicated housing for the stylus in the chassis, but a new leak details how fans can get their hands on the Galaxy S21 Ultra bundled with the S-Pen.    

WinFuture reports that the Korean tech giant wants to offer consumers the option to get the high-end Galaxy S21 Ultra with the S-Pen, and to that end, select retailers will provide the option of special cases for the handset that can accommodate the S-Pen, and will be bundled with it.   

The cases will be variants of Samsung's own Clear View, and Silicone covers, according to industry insider Roland Quandt. Twitter leaker Max Jambor confirmed that the smartphone itself won't be sporting a shaft for the S-Pen, and added that the case will be similar to one for the Galaxy Tab S7, which has a slot for the stylus. 

Quandt elaborated further in another tweet, saying that the S-Pen will be bundled with some covers, but will also be available as standalone product for Galaxy S21 owners to pick up at a later date, if they don't want to commit straight off the bat.

Despite the colorful palette confirmed for the S series, the S-Pen is only confirmed in black for now. 

The inclusion of S-Pen support for the Galaxy S21 series lead to rumors suggesting that the Note series was finished with, but the latest leaks suggest we will see one more model, with the Galaxy Note 21 next year. 

Samsung is said to be refocusing its attention on its foldables lineup, so this could very well be the Galaxy Note's swansong. But Note fans will be pleased to hear that it looks like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will also support the S-Pen, so there'll be plenty of options for S-Pen lovers in 2021.        

Shabana Arif
Shabana Arif

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