iPhone prices: what should you expect to pay for each Apple handset?

Here's the best iPhone prices no matter which Apple device you're looking for

iPhone prices
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With so many Apple devices floating around, it's hard to know what iPhone prices you should be expecting to pay. Are the older devices cheaper now, is the latest and greatest iPhone really that expensive?! We've uncovered all that information for you, and a lot more besides, so you can get a great deal.

As arguably the most expensive phone provider out there, Apple's iPhone prices tend to be on the higher side. However, that doesn't mean it is impossible to get one for an affordable price, there are so many handsets in the line-up now there's plenty of choice.

Go all the way back to the iPhone 7 and 8 and you can see that prices have considerably dropped with some others being near half. Or even with Apple's range of the XS and XS Max, where prices have fallen significantly.

No matter which iPhone prices you want to find out more about, we've listed information on all of the main handsets below.

iPhone SE prices:

iPhone SE: RRP of £419
Apple's latest launch, here you're finally able to get a cheap and new iPhone! With the SE, you'll just have to pay £419 making this a super low price. At that cost, you're getting Apple's latest A13 Bionic chip, a powerful camera and a host of other 2020 features...in the body of the iPhone 8.

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iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max prices:

iPhone 11: RRP of £729
Despite being the cheapest of Apple's three newest devices with an RRP of £729, the iPhone 11 is still one of the pricier iPhones out there. However, Apple did surprise everyone when It launched with a price lower than the iPhone XR on launch. We are still yet to see any major drop in price on this device.

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iPhone 11 Pro: RRP of £1049
The middle brother of Apple's latest trio, the iPhone 11 Pro costs a whopping £1049 for the cheapest model and goes up with more storage. This puts the price of the iPhone 11 Pro considerably higher than the iPhone 11 despite being smaller and not a huge improvement, except for the addition of an extra camera lens.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max: RRP of £1149
One of Apple's most expensive handset ever made, the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at £1149, battling the Galaxy S20 Ultra for most expensive consumer handset on the market. That price does land you the best iPhone out there...as long as you're willing to go all out. For now, no major price drops have occured and we are unlikely to see one anytime soon.

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iPhone X, XR, iPhone XS and XS Max prices:

iPhone X: RRP of £999
Apple's 10th anniversary handset, the iPhone X launched with a cost of £999. That has now come crashing down and you can easily get this handset for £100 or so less and if you go second-hand, prices fall all the way down to the £300-£400 mark.

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iPhone XR: RRP of £729
One of Apple's most popular handsets in its long history, the iPhone XR cost £749 on launch. However, you can now often get it for a lot less than that. It seems to be the most frequently discounted iPhone and Apple even cut the price last year meaning even at its highest, it now sits at a cool £629.

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iPhone XS: RRP of £1149
Not quite as expensive as the iPhone XS Max but still one of Apple's most costly handsets. The iPhone XS launched at a price of £1149 and has dropped massively since then. Now you can find it at prices around the £629 mark.

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iPhone XS Max: RRP of £1249
No longer Apple's newest handset but when it launched, the iPhone XS Max was ground-breaking...in its expense. Launching at £1249, this flew straight past all other phone prices and even to date is one the most expensive launches. Now, you can get it for around £799, meaning the price has come collapsing down.

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus prices:

iPhone 8: RRP of £669
The iPhone 8 is probably the best of Apple's cheap iPhones around right now. While it launched costing £699, we now frequently see it for way less than that, with the average price falling below £479 brand new and even less for a refurbished model.

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iPhone 8 Plus: RRP of £799
The iPhone 8 Plus isn't hugely more expensive than the smaller, regular iPhone 8, coming in at a total spend of £799. However, like many of the other older iPhones available, this price has now drastically fallen and you are more likely to pay around £579 or less from most big name retailers.

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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus prices:

iPhone 7: RRP of £449
Apple's iPhone 7 is now a good few years behind the latest devices from Apple which is great news for its price tag. While it started at £449, it can now be bought for around the £299 mark, making it an exceptionally cheap phone these days. Go refurbished and it gets even cheaper than that.

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iPhone 7 Plus: RRP of £569
Like with the 8 series above, the 7 and 7 Plus sits a small amount higher in price. On release the iPhone 7 Plus cost £569. That is a price we're now seeing fall drastically, with the iPhone 7 Plus easily costing £429 from the big name brands like Very, Argos and Amazon.
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What are the iPhone prices like straight from Apple?

Unfortunately, Apple rarely has the cheapest iPhone prices around, often in fact being one of the most costly places to look. However, this doesn't mean Apple is never worth checking

Occasionally they will put out a strong offer or promotion, usually on newer iPhones which you can score a bargain from. And, like many other retailers, Apple offers both refurbished and pay monthly schemes.

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