I have tested coffee machines for years and I would buy these ones this weekend

Pod machines for the space poor, bean to cup machines for the cash rich

Best Black Friday coffee machines deals
(Image credit: Sage/Lavazza)

A lot of people don't realise that most Black Friday deals don't die at midnight on Friday, but rather continue across the weekend and on to Cyber Monday. A case in point is these coffee machine deals, which are still in full swing. Whether you want a pod machine, a machine with an incredible milk frother or one that's like a scaled down version. I've tried all of these machines and they are all excellent in their own ways.  

Most importantly, they all make great coffee, but they don't require you to have a PhD in Baristology from the University of Coffeebridge. If you're anything like me, you don't want to pay hundreds for a machine, and then be required to use the kind of barista skills usually reserved for the highly-paid staff at top coffee shops. 

Of all the Cyber Monday deals I've seen, these are the best coffee machine deals around. If you're looking for prices on these machines in the USA or elsewhere, you'll find them underneath each machine's mini-review. This is brought to you via the magic of AI bots, science and such. 

The one with Alexa in

Lavazza Voicy was £249, now £210 at Amazon

Lavazza Voicy was £249, now £210 at Amazon
Yes, a pod coffee machine with Alexa in it may sound like gimmicky crap, but Lavazza has really pulled this off. Whether due to using superior coffee or a better extraction system, their coffee capsules produce better results than Nespresso. Also the speaker they have used for Alexa is of really high quality. As a result, Voicy is not just the best tasting pod machine I've used, it's also the best sounding. This is a premium machine that hasn't had many price cuts to date but it's £39 off right now at Amazon. 

The one for cappuccino lovers

Sage Creatista Plus was £450, now £279 at Amazon

Sage Creatista Plus was £450, now £279 at Amazon
Usually considered insanely overpriced for a Nespresso machine, this has had its price hacked by £171 for Black Friday. Don't buy this if you only like espresso or the occasional cheeky ristretto; this is one for the milk-based coffee lovers. The computer-controlled steam wand produces the right extraction of coffee with the perfect milk texture for your latte, cappuccino and flat white – each requires a slightly different approach. You just have to press a button and step back. NB: sold under the Breville brand name in the USA and Australia.

The one for those who like to tinker

Sage The Barista Pro   was £729, now £599 at Currys

Sage The Barista Pro  was £729, now £599 at Currys
If you're the sort of pro who likes to get down and dirty with the settings of your coffee machine, Barista Pro from Sage/Breville has long been the top option. The machine does enough to give you a solid chance of getting a good result just on the default settings but the real joy of it is playing with grind and extraction settings and developing your milk texturing and latte art skills with the steam wand, which is way more powerful and controllable than what you'll find on most domestic coffee machines. NB: sold under the Breville brand name in the USA and Australia.

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