Die Hard most popular film on Christmas Day this year

Beats Elf and Home Alone according to Play.com poll

Die Hard has taken top spot in a Christmas movie poll conducted by online retailer Play.com

It's the ultimate Christmas story: Wisecracking New York cop gets trapped in a Los Angeles skyscraper on Christmas Eve by a gang of international terrorists and has to save the day.

The 1988 action movie Die Hard has been voted as the favourite DVD to watch today according to a poll conducted by Rakuten's Play.com, theonline retailer.

Bruce Willis' finest hour beats out more traditional Christmas movies like It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street to make the number one spot – up from 25th on the same poll last year.

It came top by quite some margin as well: John McClane's Christmas adventure received almost 50 per cent more votes than any other films on the list.

The top ten Christmas DVDs according to Play.com are:

1.Die Hard


3.Home Alone

4.It's a Wonderful Life

5.The Muppet Christmas Carol

6.National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

7.Miracle on 34th Street

8.Bad Santa


10.Santa Claus the Movie