Paramount Plus free trial: how to watch Paramount+ for free!

Paramount+ offers a free trial service, so you can watch before you fully commit. The streaming service comes to the UK from today, 22 June.

Paramount Plus banner
(Image credit: Paramount)

Paramount Plus (or Paramount+ as it's officially known) is now available in the USA and the UK, the latter getting it from today, 22 June. But how can you watch Paramount+ for free?

The 'secret' is simple: you can sign-up for a free trial of Paramount Plus to waive the first seven days of cost (opens in new tab), before the month-by-month subscription service kicks in at $9.99/£6.99 (there's also a $4.99 version in the USA with "limited commercials"). 

How can I watch Paramount+ for free?

But hold your horses, there's another way you can watch Paramount Plus for free. Well, we say "free", it's actually related to another service – if you already have a Sky Cinema subscription as part of your Sky Q or Sky Glass package then Paramount has confirmed that Paramount+ will be available at no extra cost. 

That'll save you adding yet another sign-up streaming service to get hold of some additional exclusive shows. And Paramount+ is going in just as strong as its Netflix and Disney Plus competition in that regard: it'll be the only platform to watch Halo, Star Trek Below Deck/Prodigy/Strange New Worlds, The Twilight Zone (yup, it's back again), and more besides.

You'll be able to access all that good stuff via Paramount+, with the app set to be available on all the major platforms – from Amazon Fire TV to Google TV, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung and more – and, if you're taken by what's on offer, then you can get two months per year free by signing up for the annual subscription cost, at $99.99/£69.90.

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