Best camping mats 2021: sleep soundly under canvas

We select the best camping mats for every occasion, from self inflating mats to cheap and cheerful roll mats

best camping mat: Thermarest camping pad
(Image credit: Thermarest)

There are a huge number of camping mats on the market, ranging from downright enormous inflatable mattresses, down to featherlight, minimalist creations that look barely capable of supporting a human weight. Luckily, thinking a little about what you might want to use it for will soon clear up which will be the best camping mat for you. Broadly, there are two camps of camping mats – the inflatable or self inflating, and the closed cell foam type of mat (if you’re looking for a more substantial setup, head to our guide to the best camping beds).

If you’re planning multi-day trips with your mat, that points towards inflatable or self-inflating mats as opposed to simple foam camping mats, the latter being far cheaper, more robust but less comfortable than their inflated brethren. Similarly, weight is a key factor if you’re carrying the mat long distance, while packsize is also important on longer hikes and treks where space is at a premium in your hiking backpack (it’s no good investing in the best lightweight sleeping bag if your mat weighs a ton).

That’s not to say that the humble foam mat should be dismissed entirely, because they can be ideal in many situations. They’re almost indestructible, so ideal for festival use or trekking in particularly rugged terrain that would slice an inflatable to shreds. They’re also very lightweight and totally unbothered by getting wet, making them excellent choices for water-based travel or long-distance overland expeditions. However, they are very bulky and come in low on the comfort scale.  

As ever, you get what you pay for, with the best camping mats delivering enormous comfort and warmth for very little weight, while some of the cheaper inflatable mats not only weigh quite a bit more, but seem to delight in suddenly deflating at 3am. This is when the expense of a proper, quality mat suddenly seems like a brilliant idea…

How to choose the best camping mat for you

The main use for a camping mat is to keep you insulated from the ground, which even in summer is pretty chilly and can conduct heat away from your body sharpish. That's no fun at 3am, and can lead to a bad night's sleep where you keep waking up from the cold, even if you're sleeping in one of the top tents for camping.

Comfort aside, the season you’re using a camping mat in dictates just how much insulation you need to stay warm, which should make your decision about which one to buy easier. 

Self inflating camping mats, inflatable camp mats and foam camping roll mats each have different characteristics. These will be the starting point for your buying decision, depending on what you need your chosen mat to do. 

Foam mats are pretty bulky even when rolled up, but they are light and can be strapped to the outside of a rucksack for carrying hands-free. They're almost indestructible too, but don’t offer a particularly plush mattress-esque snooze and only limited insulation from the ground.  

Inflatable camping mats are a far more complex beast, as the various materials and construction make a huge difference to the insulation they dish out – yes, even from two mats that look very similar. As usual, the cheaper the mat the less insulation you’ll probably get. Always check the R-value. 

Unsure what an R-value is? It references a camping mat or sleeping pad’s ability to retain your body warmth during the night. So the higher the R-value, the warmer and more insulating it’ll be, and the better you will sleep. Many things affect a camping mat’s R-value, including the material and construction.

Best camping mats 2021 to buy now

best camping mat: Thermarest NeoAir XLite

(Image credit: Thermarest)

1. Thermarest NeoAir XLite sleeping pad

The best camping mat for all-round comfort and portability

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 12.5oz / 36g (regular size)
Size: 183 x 51 x 6.4cm / 72 x 20 x 2.5" (regular - other sizes available)
Reasons to buy
+Feather light weight+Packs to size of water bottle+Range of sizes
Reasons to avoid
-Does rustle and creak

For all-round performance in all seasons, the best camping mat is the Thermarest NeoAir XLite camping pad. It's extremely lightweight, packs down tiny, and is very well-made. The sleep surface is firm yet supportive sleep surface, and will keep you safely elevated from bumpy ground, even if you like to sleep on your side. We found this mat provides excellent insulation even in cold weather, but if you tend to get very cold, consider the warmer, heavier Thermarest NeoAir XThem further down the list. The XLite comes in a range of sizes available to suit taller, shorter, and wider campers. The price means this one is for dedicated wild campers and multi-day hikers – casual campers will be able to get away with something simpler and cheaper. Head to our Thermarest NeoAir XLite camping pad review for more info.

best camping mat: Alpkit Cloud Base camping mat

(Image credit: Alpkit)

2. Alpkit Cloud Base camping mat

The best budget camping mat

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 420g
Size: 189 x 56 x 5cm
Reasons to buy
+Impressively packable and compact+Easy to inflate and pack away+Great value
Reasons to avoid
-Not insulated

Next up in our ranking of the best camping mats is the Alpkit Cloud Base camping mat. Don't be fooled by that impressively grooved design, this mat packs down just as small and light as the best lightweight mats around. It's much cheaper than others on this list, but punches well above its price tag in terms of performance and comfort. It's not insulated, so for cold-weather adventures you'll want something different, but for everything else it's a great choice. Head to our Alpkit Cloud Base camping mat review for more info.

best camping mat: Nemo Tensor

(Image credit: Nemo Tensor)

3. Nemo Tensor camping mat

The best camping mat for all-seasons hiking

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 376g
Size: 183 x 51 x 8cm
Reasons to buy
+Good insulation+Epic comfort+Small packsize

The Nemo Tensor in ‘regular mummy’ size packs a vast list of technology into a tiny and lightweight packsize, delivering a robust R-value of 3.5 but only weighing you down with 410g (minimum) or 490g (packed). The reason for that 80g difference is the generous inclusion of a repair kit, strap, stuff sack and Vortex pump, some of which could be left at home for the gram-conscious. That R-value is plenty enough for UK winter camping, making this an excellent all-year round mat without a significant weight penalty to drag around all summer. 

The R-value is achieved in part by layers of metalised film to reflect heat, as well as a downright luxurious three-inch loft, truly impressive in a mat that packs down to 20x7.5cm. Nemo claims the suspended film reduces noise from the pad when the sleeper moves in the night, which is certainly an issue with other brands. That Vortex pump plays a role here too, as it means the mat can be inflated without blowing directly into it, which adds heat-conductive moisture exactly where you want it least. 

Overall, the Tensor is one of the lightest and most packable mats on the market, and with a range of sizes to suit all requirements, you’ll be seeing plenty of these on campsites and crags through summer and beyond.


(Image credit: JACK WOLFSKIN)

4. Jack Wolfskin Trail Mat Air

A fast, light and packable camping mat for summer use

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 490g
Size: 182 x 54 x 6.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight+Multi-cell comfort+Visible from space
Reasons to avoid
-Low R-value

The JW Trail Mat Air is a worthy choice here, weighing in only slightly more than the Thermarest Neoair, at a relatively light 490g, and with a lightweight but respectable R-value of 1.8. However, the Trail Mat has several tricks up its sleeves, packing down to an intensely small 22x10cm thanks to the welded air chamber construction. This design relies on lots of interconnected pockets to keep you comfy overnight, so air can flow around to support your position – also without the rustling noises of some competitors. Another innovation is the dual-valve setup, allowing faster inflation and deflation of the complex matrix of pockets. Lightweight, packable, fast and quiet, the Jack Wolfskin Trail Mat Air is well worth a look for 3 season adventures where weight and space are at a premium.

best camping mat: Kelty Cosmic

(Image credit: Kelty Cosmic)

5. Kelty Cosmic Mummy Sleeping Pad

Budget-friendly all-seasons hiking pad

Type: Self-inflating
Weight: 560g
Size: 30.5 x 20.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Winter warmer+Self inflating+Solid build
Reasons to avoid
-Heavier than some

The Kelty Cosmic delivers a fair bang for buck, especially given the sub-£60 RRP, which is nearly half some of the other mats here. The high points are a pretty storming R-value of 4, seeing you right in pretty much any seasonal camping scenario, and robust build quality – the brass valve and 20D Nylon ripstop both bearing this out. 

Another little trick (somewhat of an old-school one) is that the Kelty Cosmic is self-inflating – simply unroll, unscrew the valve and get on with your evening. A few minutes later the foam will decompress, and the mat will only need a couple of breaths to be snooze-ready. Unfortunately this style of pad tends to weigh a little more than the ultralight inflatable options here, weighing in at 560g – no heavyweight, but still a considerable difference. 

As an all-season mat at a very sensible price, it’s hard to fault the Kelty Cosmic, especially for DoE-type expeditions where high-end equipment isn’t appropriate, or causal campers who’d like plenty of insulation even in warmer weather. 

Best camping mats: Thermarest NeoAir XTherm

(Image credit: Press)

6. Thermarest NeoAir XTherm Inflatable Camping Mat

The best camping mat for winter warmth without bulk

Type: Inflatable
Weight: 430g
Size: 51x183cm (regular) / 63x196cm (large)
Reasons to buy
+Featherlite weight+Great for winter warmth

The Therm-a-rest NeoAir XTherm offers premium insulation at a premium price, knocking out an epic R-rating of 5.7 and weighing in at a featherlite 430g. This makes it the best camping mat for winter or higher altitude walking adventures, where weight and warmth are big factors. You’ll need to blow it up to reach its full 2.5inch depth, which will take quite a few puffs, and being inflatable it is at risk of puncture if treated badly (a repair kit is included). As with the other NeoAir mats, the material does rustle when slept on, so a tolerant tent mate is a must, or at least get them to pack some quality earplugs. 

Best camping mats: Yellowstone Insulated Foam Mat

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7. Yellowstone Insulated Camping Roll Mat

The best camping mat for festivals and adventuring on a budget

Type: Foam
Weight: 159g
Size: 180x50cm (6mm thick)
Reasons to buy
+Super-cheap+Pretty durable

Although any of these camping mats will do a fine job in any outdoors sleep scenario, sometimes you want the cheapest possible tool for the job. That's especially the case when it comes to festival camping gear. You also don’t want anything complicated in that type of situation, which is where the fuss-free Yellowstone Insulated Foam Mat absolutely smashes it. Under a tenner and idiot proof (unroll, lie down), this camping roll mat is not only extremely wallet-friendly, but also handy for any other casual camping occasion. 

Indeed, paired with a more expensive inflating camping mat and this will make a decent temporary bed for very little cash. Just remember to use it foil side up for maximum insulation and protection from the ground.

Best camping mats: Vango Thermocore Camping Mat

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8. Vango Thermocore Inflating Camping Mat

This DofE special should help fussy sleepers snooze better

Type : Inflatable
Size: 55x185cm
Weight: 739g
Reasons to buy
+Built-in pump+Very robust
Reasons to avoid
-Not the lightest

The Vango Thermocore is a sizable beast, not only in weight but also in width, hitting 55x185cm. Part of the reason for this impression is the vertical walls. It's intentional design feature so that you get more surface area to snooze upon (good news for squirmy or wriggly sleepers). This gorgeous camping mat incorporates many of the features of much more expensive mats, with a stuff sack that doubles as a pump. A hollow fibre core adds warmth without compromising compressibility, and Vango's ‘quiet fabric’ delivers a rustle-free snooze. Although the Thermocore Camping Mat packs down reasonably well, the weight is quite significant, partly due to the heavier materials used. But if you’re looking for a robust all-rounder for general camping, this is well worth a look.

Best camping mats: Klymit Static V2 Camping Mat

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9. Klymit Static V2 Camping Mat

The best camping mat for all-round adventuring

Type: Inflatable
Size: 182 x 58 x 6.35cm
Weight: 471g
Reasons to buy
+Quilted design for comfort+Fine for summer use

The Klymit Static V2 is an all-rounder even in all-rounder company. More flexible than a Thermarest, very keenly priced, and extremely packable, this is a real contender for a mat that does it all. The main disadvantage here is the R-Value, a mere 1.3, but for summer use that’s perfectly decent, and a quilted effect will see you keen to sink into it every night. That quilted effect has other benefits too, with larger side rails designed to centre you in the pad and keep you snoozing comfortably all night long. A Lifetime warranty and patch repair kit round out an impressive package that weighs in well under a half-kilo.

Best camping mats: Snugpak Air Mat

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10. Snugpak Travelite Camping Mat

The best camping mat for easy inflation

Type: Inflatable
Size: 183 x 62 x 2.5cm
Weight: 630g
Reasons to buy
+Built-in foot pump+Wipe-clean design

This air mat from Snugpak is a touch of luxury at a very attractive price point. Even with it’s palatial size it still only weighs in at 630g, so still very portable, albeit heavier than dedicated mountaineering camping mats. Because it’s literally all air, the mat packs down relatively well, and conceals a hidden surprise: a foot pump. No blowing like the proles for the lucky owners of this mat, simply position a foot near the valve and pump away – basecamp luxury awaits.

Best camping mats: Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite SOL Mattress

(Image credit: Press)

11. ThermaRest Z-Lite SOL Mattress

The best camping mat for mountaineering

Type: Folding
Size: 51 x 183 x 2cm
Weight: 454 g
Reasons to buy
+Super-small pack size+Surprisingly comfortable

No camping mat list would be complete without the game-changing Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite. The egg-box style dimpled foam not only gives you the maximum comfort, but also folds down smaller than you’d believe. It is also totally and utterly indestructible, short of dedicated chopping up or incineration, thus ideal for rough-and-ready mountaineering. Sure it packs down to something about the size of a house brick (and weighs a reasonable 410g), and might not be feather-bed comfy, but it is keenly priced and deservedly popular. Double it up with a more expensive self inflating camping mat for the ultimate outdoors snooze.