Xbox 360 Slim sales crush Nintendo and Sony

Microsoft's slim new console outsells Wii and PS3

Streamlined Xbox 360 Slim leads US hardware sales for July

Microsoft’s new slimmer version of the Xbox 360 (now dubbed the 'S' by Microsoft) stormed to the top of US console sales for July with nearly half a million units sold according to the US NPD hardware chart.

The surge managed to unseat the Nintendo DS and Wii, which were pushed down to positions two and three respectively. The Sony Playstation 3, lead rival to the Xbox 360, sold less than half of the topseller, despite being 44 per cent up on sales from this time last year.

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The figures would suggest that the revamped console has been a success, with Microsoft up a solid 54 per cent from last year, including sales of the discounted older Xbox models. The company may expect sales to remain at around this level in the lead up to the release of Kinect, which will attempt to emulate Nintendo’s family appeal and sell to a new market. Similarly, with Playstation 3 sales almost matching the Wii (215k to 254k), the release of the PS Move should also bolster console sales in the coming months.

Despite strong console sales for July, the US gaming industry still shows signs of decline as it fell 8 per cent from last year to $403 million.

US console sales for July 2010:

443,500 - Xbox 360 (+54%)
398,400 - Nintendo DS (-26%)
253,900 - Wii (+0%)
214,500 - PlayStation 3 (+44%)
84,000 - PSP (-32%)