WWDC 2012 Live Blog

Get all the latest info on Apple's World Wide Developer conference right here

Get all the latest info on Apple's World Wide Developer conference right here, as it happens

On Monday, Apple will kick off it's annual World Wide Developer Conference, where it will make an announcement. We'll be live blogging all the action as it happens right here - but until then, here are some of the rumours that have been floating around the web.

As the iPhone 5 release date, specs, price & features rumours continue to gather momentum, an upcoming Apple event is also causing quite a stir.

The Californian company's World Wide Developers Conference, an annual event used to showcase the firm's new software and technologies, including its operating systems for both its mobile and Mac kit, is set to take place between June 11 and 14.

So, what can we expect from the world's most valuable company this year?

Rumours circulating around the web are pointing towards a Macbook Pro refresh, the release of OS X Mountain Lion and announcements surrounding the hotly anticipated release of iOS 6, Apple’s reported next-generation mobile operating system.

WWDC: Live Blog

20:06: Natrually, we'll have much, much more and detailed reports on each of today's announcements so head over to the T3.com homepage for the reaction. Thanks for joining us.

20:03: iOS 6 highlights include a custom Maps app, build from the ground up with an awesome 3D flyover feature. There's also deep Facebook integration and a much-improved detail oriented Siri.

20:02: After that came the Mac OS X Mountain Lion re-reveal, which will arrive in July for a further-knocked-down price of $19.99, with 200 new features. There's Documents in the Cloud, Messages, Reminders and Notes, a new Safari with Tabview and iCloud integration.

20:01: Wow, we're just catching our breath here. That was the longest and most detail-intense Apple keynote in many a year. We've got new and improved MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros and a fantastic Retina Display-enabled next generation MacBook Pro, which Apple is describing as the finest notebook it has ever build.

20:00: Nope, that's it. A bit of a wrap-up from Tim and off he goes with a big thank you and some big applause.

19:57: Tim Cook is back on stage and asks: "What do you think?" Wrap up time? Or One More Thing?

19:56: The first iOS 6 Beta is available to Apple developers today and will ship in the autumn. That seems to confirm the release time-frame for the iPhone 5, doesn't it? it'll be available for the 3GS and iPad 2, but it doesn't seem that that will be immediate.

19:54: There's also a "lost mode" added to Find My Phone which allows users to sent a number to the lost phone so, when it's found will give the finder the chance to call the loser back. There's also Game Center challenges and Redesigned app and content stores flashing up on screen to complete the iOS 6 demo.

19:52: In turn-by-turn mode, the talking is naturally done by Siri. It'll also give you a birds-eye view a la traditional satnavs.

19:50: Here's a new feature called Flyover, which looks like the rumoured 3D mode, which will allow users to travel around a local area by simply swiping your fingers. It's not a movie and is being rendered in real time in map mode and satellite mode.

19:47: 100 million billion listings within the application. There's a new traffic service (with anonymous traffic data) which tells you where delays are at, and also turn-by-turn navigation. Look out Google Maps Navigation. A new "car" button will tell you how far you are away from your destination. This works with Siri, who'll tell you to relax and enjoy the drive. The maps can be rotated with fingers.

19:46: Everything has been built from the ground up, says Forstall.

19:45: As expected Apple is launching its own Maps application in iOS 6, which means no more Google Maps.

19:42: There's a new storage section for store cards like Starbucks and the Apple Store, as well as boarding passes, QR codes and barcodes. it's called Passbook.

19:41: Users will now be able to add photos and videos directly into messages and emails.

19:40: The Mail app has a new VIPs feature, which will allow you to choose folks whose emails you'd like to receive notifications about.

19:37: Apple is announcing Shared PhotoStreams, which will allow users to pick and choose photos from their friends' accounts and add them to their own account. This feature is also integrated with Facebook.

19:35: 95 minutes already. Quite a long keynote this, isn't it? Probably the fastest-paced too.

19:35: SmartBanners offer an opportunity for contant providers to advertise their bespoke mobile apps within their mobile site using the Safari browser. They will link straight to the App Store.

19:32: There's a new offline reading list for Safari. Sorry about that Instapaper.

19:31: We missed that one. Phone number and Apple ID now unified, so any call that comes to your phone can be answered through your Maac and your iPad. How neat is that?

19:30: FaceTime now works over 3G/4G. Apparently, this particular announcement got a huge cheer.

19:29: Apple is integrating a Do Not Disturb option, so you won't be bothered by notifications.

19:28: Next up there's some improvements to the phone app itself, which will, if you miss a call allow you to "Reply with Message." That's a pretty call feature, if you're unable to pick up your phone. It'll also offer a "Remind me later" prompt so you don't forget to reply to the call.

19:27: There's also App Store integration to allow you to Like apps.

19:26: Enter Facebook information once and you'll be able to post from apps and websites easily. Like Twitter, Facebook updates can also be made via Siri. Photos from Facebook also get pulled in, as do the events you're attending

19:25: Deep Facebook integration

19:23: Siri for iPad. Only for the new iPad. Crafty buggers

19:21: This is interesting... In car integration, with a new feature called Eyes Free. Apple has partnered with car manufacturers Honda, BMW, Land Rover, GM, Jaguar and more to enable you to push a button on the steering wheel and use Siri. The tech will be integrated within the next 12 months.

19:20: You can also tweet by talking to the phone. Might want to check the effectiveness of the dictation on that one.

19:19: Siri can now launch apps. "Play Temple Run," says Phil.

19:16: Apparently, Siri knows a lot more about sports now, including whether LeBron James is taller than Kobe Bryant. She's also learned a little more about restaurants and movies, allowing you to view trailers.

19:14: Now we're talking about Siri, who is telling us the score from the latest San Francsisco Giants baseball game, while bringing up the National League baseball standings. The less said about my Philadelphia Phillies, the better!

19:13: 1 billion iMessages sent, 150m a day and there's 140m users in total. The deep Twitter integration has seen 47 per cent of all Twitter pics posted through iOS 5, while 10 billion tweets have also been sent through iOS 5.

19:11: There's a bit of a dig at Android, with pie-charts showing how fragmented Apple's rival operating system is, while displaying the overwhelming percentage of iOS users on iOS 5.

19:09: Head of iOS Scott Forstall is on stge to talk us through iOS 6. 365m devices sold up until the end of March, is Scott's opening gambit.

19:07: That wraps up the OS X stuff. It's shipping in July and the upgrade will be just $19.99. That's $10 cheaper than last year. Will that price cut be reflected in the UK, where the software costs £23.99.

19:05: The Stig was on stage for the Demo. Once again, there's a heavy focus on gaming.

19:04: Now we're onto AirPlay Mirroring through Apple TV, probably one of the most eagerly-anticipated features announced late last year. They're showing a game called CSR Racing with an iPad going head-to-head with a Mac on the TV screen. Pretty cool, huh?

19:03: Here's a new feature. Power Nap. This will allow your Mac to carry on receiving data while it's sleeping. That works for iCloud and Time Machine back-ups too.

19:01: We've been going an hour and it's exactly one hour since I decided I needed to pee. Great.

19:00: The new Notification Centre for Mac OS X Mountain Lion will allow users to tweet from directly from within the interface.

18:57: There's a new Tabview feature within Safari, which will allow you to see all of the tabs you have open at any one time. Users can zoom in and out, and zooming all the way out will take users into Tabview. This is a feature borrowed from Safari Mobile. There's also a new dropdown menu for iCloud within Safari too.

18:56: There's a new sharing bar in Mountain Lion, which will allow users to to share documents, pictures, videos and links from within whatever apps they are working within.

18:55: It's all over in Donetsk. England and France finished one-apiece. Decent performance, acceptable scoreline.

18:54: The Dictation system works system wide, even in Microsoft Word, says Apple.

18:53: Changes to Pages and Numbers documents made using the iOS apps will be synced back to your Mac and the other way around.

18:50: Apple now talking about Messages. The app which allows you to answer phone messages on your Mac. We know all this and Messages Beta has been out for months.

18:49: As we know, there are three new apps, inspired from iOS. Messages, Reminders and Notes. Apple is also launching Documents in the Cloud, which means all of your iWork stuffs will be houses on iCloud along with your contacts, photos and music. Location-based reminders are also coming with iCloud.

18:48: "OH: “That’s another 3 grand I haven’t got anymore” T3's Matt Hill on Twitter.

18:46: The OS will have 250 new features, but Apple will be showing off 8 of them today.

18:46: We already know a good bit about Mac OS X Mountain Lion, but expect the full monty here as we're pretty sure it'll be shipping with the new MacBooks announced today.

18:45: Now we're moving onto Mac OS X. Not much time for a breather at this year's WWC, eh? Announcements coming thick and fast.

18:44: The starting US price for this is $2,199. That's about £1,400, but you know it won't be a straight-up dollars-to-pounds conversion.

18:43: Sir Jony Ive is talking about the new design within the promo video: "In most fans the blades are positioned symmetrically, but we positioned ours asymmetrically, which makes it quieter," he says. Woooo! New fan!

18:40: So, effectively, this thing is a MacBook Pro Pro Air. Still England 1 France 1 by the way. Around 5 minutes of normal time to go. Defoe and Jordan Henderson on for England. Hardly game-changers those two.

18:39: It's also got up to 16GB RAM and a HDMI out.

18:36: A few more specs: 7 hours of battery life, 30 days on stand-by, no optical drive. Two thunderbolt ports. It's got FaceTime HD cameras and "The best stereo speakers we've ever put into a notebook." We're now seeing a video of the next generation MacBook Pro.

18:35: Intel i5 or i7, same speeds as the previously announced MacBook Pro. 768GB flash storage on board too. "Everything has been redesigned on the inside," says Phil.

18:31: It has 5,184,000 pixels. Wow. The screen glare has also been reduced by 75 per cent. We're seeing some images of the apps and games that'll look great on the new screen. Final Cut Pro now has 1080p full resolution video editing. The company is showing off Aperture and Photoshop too.

18:27: Ok, it's the thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro ever and it has a Retina Display. Hurrah! It's 15.4 inches with a resolution of 2880 x 1800, with 220ppi, making it the highest resolution notebook computer in the world, with 4 times the number of pixels as the previous model.

18:26: It's the next generation MacBook Pro and Phil Schiller saya it's the most beautiful computer the company has ever made. It looks like a MacBook Air meets a MacBook pro

18:25: Here's a completely new MacBook Pro model, hidden beneath an on-screen cloth

18:22: MacBook Pro updated too. 13 and 15 inches, 2.7GHz processors, turbo boosted to 3.7-inch, USB 3, Nvida GeForce 650M graphics. Also shipping today.

18:20: So there's no Retina Display for the MacBook Air, but the new machines will start shipping today.

18:19: The first new update is to the MacBook Air. "Everyone is trying to copy them" says Phil. The new machines will have new Ivy Bridge processors, up to 2.0 Ghz i7 processors, 6GB RAM, 60 per cent faster graphics, turbo boost of p to 3.2Ghz, 720p FaceTime camera and USB 3. They'll still come in 11 and 13-inch and the latter will be cheaper. We'll have UK pricing for you ASAP.

18:17: Here comes Phil Schiller to replace Tim Cook. Perhaps its about time England did the same with Andy Carroll for Danny Welbeck?

18:15: Here we go! "We want to deliver more innovations so you can take your ideas even further. Today we're announcing new changes in our notebook lineup, and new versions of our OS and iOS."

18:14: That was a five minute video of pure, unadulterated fluff. Can we have some announcements please? Meanwhile, England and France are still level in Donetsk. Both teams showing flashes, but nothing clear cut in this second half.

18:13: Quite a long video presentation here. Makes you think they don't really have that much to say today...

18:12: "We’re off. Siri introducing. Android dig already," T3's Matt Hill on Twitter.

18:10: A blind man uses his GPS to make his way out of a forest, teachers are using anatomy apps in the classroom. "Amazing apps" made this possible. The video later focuses on how the iPad can be used as a speech pathology tool.

18:09: "There are such heartwarming stories out there of what the combination of our incredible devices and your amazing apps have made in peoples lives," says Tim. Cue heartwarming video montage.

18:07: 225,000 dedicated iPad apps, that's about a third of the total apps on the App Store. Apple has also reached the 30 billion app downloads landmark. The company has paid developers over $5 billion Cook says, while announcing that the App Store is now open to 155 countries.

18:06: 400 million App Store accounts, says Cook. "This is the store with the largest number of accounts with credit cards anywhere on the internet that we're aware of." We guess that's a good thing...

18:05: 1,000 Apple engineers in attendance for 100 sessions says Tim. He says Apple will be closed for the week.

18:03: Tim Cook has taken the stage to huge cheers. Ok, they're not Steve-like cheers, but they were cheering nonetheless. Go Tim! (It's like Wimbledon in the 90s, this)

18:00: Starting things off with a video. Siri is on screen as she's been "asked to warm up the crowd."

17:59: And we're underway, but not before a little Coldplay comes through the pipes. Some things never change.

17:58: Attendees have been instructed to switch off their (iOS) devices.

17:55: Just five minutes away from Tim Cook's arrival on stage, but how much will the new CEO have to do with the keynote? Has he been practicing a huge song and dance routine or will he just hand the main waxing lyrical duties over to Phil Schiller?

17:47: Apple workers rawk.


17:42: Matt Hill, now tweeting from the @T3dotcom account says: "Praying for heavy keynote aircon, the foyer at the Moscone is sweltering"

17:40: We're just 20 minutes away from the start of the WWDC 2012 event and the assembled media are taking their seats in the Moscone Center. Oh, and France scored.

17:30: Hello. England lead.

17:28: Whoah! Wait a sec. We were wrong. The doors are opening at the Moscone Center.

17:25: It's all quiet in Donetsk and it's all quiet in San Francsico too. You know this is all going to 'go off' at the same time, don't you?

17:14: T3's Matt Hill (@gethill) is live in San Fransisco and has just entered the Moscone Center and he's quite pleased with his fancy badge.

16:53: The Apple Store is down. I repeat the Apple Store is down. That means there'll definitely be something new to buy within in next couple of hours. Meanwhile, England are about to take the field for their opening game against France. Can we multi-task like iOS? You betcha.

16:38: Fox News reporter Clayton Morris also reckons that Apple will unveil at least two new native iOS apps as part of iOS 6 today. What could they be?

16:22: Beyond the almost certain iOS 6 and extended Mac OS X reveals, what else could Apple have in store for us? Reports on Monday morning suggested that new MacBook Pros and Mac Pros will also be revealed at the event. Of course, there is slight hope of an iPhone 5 announcement, but surely that would represent a massive surprise.

16:16: So what are our predictions? What price an iPhone 5 announcement and England victory over France double? Where's that Bet Fred fella when you need him.

16:00: Just under two hours to go before, we imagine, Tim Cook takes the stage in San Francisco. We're usually counting down the minutes until this event kicked off, but if you're reading Tim, perhaps you'd be kind enough to wait until the England game is over? Should be about 6:50pm? Thanks in advance.

title: WWDC 2012: iPhone 5 Rumours / url:

WWDC 2012: iPhone 5

Before we begin let's get one thing straight: chances of a new iPhone being released at WWDC in June are slimmer than a Vogue covergirl.

Apple likes to a make a massive fuss about its blowers and usually announces its top launches at a bleeding massive event - as it does every year with its iPod, iPad and iPhone kit.

As is the case with all Apple products, device launches are always shrouded in mystery, however, if we're to go by precedent, we can expect to see a new iPhone land some time in September or October.

If you're in urgent need of an upgrade, ensure you check out our Samsung Galaxy S3 review for our verdict on the iPhone's biggest competitor.

WWDC 2012: Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro 2011

In June we can expect a Macbook Pro refresh, according to the Apple-dedicated blog 9to5mac. The site claims that Apple is putting the final touches to a new 15-inch model of the portable computer.

The ultra-thin device, which is rumoured to be sporting a pin-sharp retina display, is expected to land this summer and will boast a super-fast USB 3 port, amongst a batch of other exciting features.

The site also claims the wafer-thin laptop will lack a Superdrive – taking a cue from its slimmer cousin, the MacBook Air – but will come loaded with an Nvidia GeForce GT650M graphics card.

Speculation is rife concerning what Apple will use to fill in the dead space left by the lack of a Superdrive. Reports suspect the company could cram in a super-fast SSD for speedy boot times – or they could simply use it as increased battery space.

WWDC 2012: iPad Mini

Unless you’ve been living under a rock - or don’t really care about tech, in which case, what are you doing here? - you’d most probably be aware of the recent spate of rumours suggesting Apple is gearing up to launch a minature version of it’s new iPad - rumoured to be called the iPad Mini.

9to5mac and iPhone5NewsBlog.com have both reported that LCD suppliers are hard at work bashing out LCD panels for the rumoured 7.85-inch tablet.

We wouldn’t usually suspect what would be considered a hugely popular hardware launch at WWDC, but then again, we’d have never in a million years thought we'd be reporting on the prospect of Apple launching a mini slate.

In fact, the late Steve Jobs made his feelings about compact tablets pretty clear at an earnings call in October 2010, saying:

“The 10in screen size is the minimum size required to create great tablet apps. 7in tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone, and too small to compete with an iPad.”

“These are among the reasons that the current crop of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA -- dead on arrival.”

WWDC 2012: OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion screenshots

OS X Lion brought over 250 new features to Mac users, including multi-touch gestures, mission control, full-screen apps and the Mac App Store.

Now OS X Mountain Lion, the follow up to OS X Lion, is currently being prepared for a summer launch - and some major details have already begun to leak out.

Major improvements to the OS X include a more iOS-like interface, reminders and notes.

Having been in beta for a while now, it should (hopefully) be ready for Apple to debut its Messages app – rumoured to be replacing iChat – which will allow users to send free messages to devices running iOS 5 or above.

If you can't wait for Messages, you can get some hands-on time with the software by download the beta version here.

Game Center is also set to debut in Mountain Lion, but it remains to be seen if it can successfully make the crossover to the Macbook line.

AppleInsider reports that Mountain Lion could see a release at WWDC in June, as the Cupertino company is already training its staff on how to use the software.

The report reads: "The EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) division of AppleCare is allegedly hiring and training new staff on certain aspects of Apple's upcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, possibly hinting that a release date is soon to arrive."

WWDC 2012: iOS 6

With rumours hinting at the launch of a new iPhone late this year, the upcoming iOS 6 has a lot to prove. Although features leaks have pretty
much been thin on the ground, here’s what’s been floating about so far.

Google Maps has been present in the iPhone since the original handset landed five years ago, however, MacRumours reports that iOS 6 will shun the search engine’s offering and sport its own map sofhttp://cms.t3.com/articles/standard_article/8710718tware.

According to the site, it will be a “cleaner, faster and more reliable experience” and will also sport a 3D mode. Wondering what on earth they’re
banging on about? Watch the video below to find out.

By the time the iPhone 5 is released, Apple’s voice assistant app Siri will be a full year old (and hopefully out of its beta nappy).

Commentators are hoping it will come packing improved usability, as the software still has a lot of growing to do.

Rumoured to be included in the iCloud revamp is the ability to sync videos and photos, the Wall Street Journal, reports.