Windows Phone OS now sports more than 60,000 apps

Microsoft's mobile OS adds 10,000 apps in just 25 days as it closes the gap on Android and iOS

Edging up on Android and Apple iOS numbers Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile operating system has jumped to hosting 60,000 apps in its Marketplace

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform continues to go from strength to strength with the fledgling OS now sporting an impressive 60,000 applications in the Windows Marketplace.

Less than a month after hitting the 50,000 app milestone the Windows Phone platform has added another 10,000 handset fillers to its midst with the 60,000 strong app contingent reportedly put out by 15,000 developers.

Best Windows Phone Apps

Whilst still a paltry offering compared to the 400,000 Android applications or more than half a million iOS apps offered by Apple for its iPhone, iPod and iPad devices, Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS added 10,000 apps in just 25 days, up from the 40 days it took the platform to move from 40,000 to 50,000 applications.

With a number of high-profile apps and developers beginning to adopt the Windows Phone platform the Android and iOS rival is expected to see its Marketplace rapidly increase its number of available apps in the coming months with the likes of Skype confirmed as on the way to WP7.

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Via: Ubergizmo