Windows Phone App News: Ask Ziggy Siri-alike launched

App brings Siri-esque functionality to Microsoft-based handsets

Windows Phone owners now have your very own answer to Siri and it's not just some buggy cheap rip-off, it's actually the real deal.

Apple's Siri personal assistance app for the iPhone 4S has sparked a slew of Android imitators and now Microsoft's Windows Phone has its own impersonator with the Ask Ziggy app.

The free app (which also comes free of any advertising) has, like Siri, the capacity to turn your speech into transcribed text. So that means, just like Siri, you can ask the app all manner of questions and receive surprisingly in-depth results.

For example, the guys at Windows Phone Central tested the app by asking mathematical questions, for the weather in different places and even movie trivia questions like who directed Star Wars? and was Darth Vader a good guy?

If the app, which was developed solely by Shai Leib can find the answer, which it invariably does, it will speak back to you, and if not it will direct you to a Bing search.

Ask Ziggy also has the ability to update your Facebook status, simply by saying 'update' before speaking a sentence. Pretty cool, huh?

Of all the Siri imitators we've seen arrive on the scene since the iPhone 4S launched in the autumn, this looks to be by far the best. Check out the video from below for a full, in-depth demo.

Via: WPCentral, Engadget