Windows Phone 7 will be Bing search exclusive

Microsoft veto's alternatives like Google and Yahoo

Ever used the Bing search engine? Now you'll have the chance.

Microsoft has announced that its own search engine Bing will be the default for all Windows Phone 7 devices.

While this may be a slightly controversial decision, it's hardly surprising considering Windows preference in the past to go for its own software over others. Greg Sullivan the senior product manager at Microsoft responded to the announcement saying "The search engine has been heavily integrated into the OS, so it would be hard to offer an alternative".


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Sullivan was keen to point out however that this does not mean you won't be able to use other search engines on the phone. While the default for the device will be Bing, other search engines can create their own apps or hubs, they just wont be available out of the box. There is a fairly good reason for this as well, Bing has been built in so that users can use voice search functions on the phone to search for websites or indeed files within the device.

Microsoft has also revealed the companies that will officially be producing devices for Windows Phone 7. The list, although small, is reassuring with Samsung being used to build the prototype device that's been handed to developers (check out our hands-on review of the device and Windows Phone 7). Samsung has confirmed it will be making a handset, although not in the form that you see on our video review, alongside HTC, LG, Asus and Dell.

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