Windows Phone 7: only 117,000 sold?

New stats suggest OS is struggling to match hype

Facebook numbers point to low sales for Microsoft's new operating system.

Windows Phone 7 doesn’t appear to be having the speedy start that so many had predicted. Phones packing in the smart and sleek OS hit a mere 40,000 on their first day on US shelves according to one report. And now new data suggests that number now sits at a measly 117,000.

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The figures are taken from Facebook stats, which calculate the number of punters using Windows Phone 7’s on-board Facebook app. With just 117, 256 people hopping onto the social network, things aren’t looking too rosy for Microsoft.

Of those, 83,646 accessed Facebook on Windows Phone 7 using the Facebook app available in Marketplace. The remaining customers opted to use the Facebook skills baked into the device.

Facebook acts as a good indicator of user numbers because of its huge popularity and high install base. And of course, there’s a chance there are more phones packing Windows Phone 7 out there. However, these figures will hardly make happy reading for the Big M at a time when Android and iOS remain rampant and webOS is resurgent.

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Via WMpoweruser