Windows Phone 7: every Microsoft worker getting one

New cell for 90,000 Big M employees as big push begins

Plan to give all Microsoft insiders a new phone as Redmond gears up for launch.

Windows Phone 7 is getting closer by the day. We’ve already handled one of the latest Samsung units and things are really starting to look peachy. But before anyone else gets their hands on one, Microsoft is planning to give Windows Phone 7 blowers to all 90,000 of its employees.

The move means everyone at the Big M will, in theory, be able to evangelise about the new OS, selling it to sceptics and Windows fanboys alike. The workers won’t need to pay a penny for the device.

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The news comes from Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley’s Twitter feed, where she retweeted an insider who said every employee was getting a new cell. Windows Phone 7 isn’t due to hit gadget-hungry palms until October at the earliest.

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Via Engadget