Windows Phone 7: Copy and paste available on HTC Mozart

ROM of upcoming 'NoDo' software update leaks online

Leaked update ROM available to download now...

Windows Phone 7 is an undoubtedly (and somewhat uncharacteristically for Microsoft) slick and pretty mobile operating system, but it does have a few missing fundamental features. One of which is the ability to copy and paste, which these days is a must.

Microsoft is set to imminently release a software update to add that essential functionality, but there’s good news for those who can’t wait – the update has appeared online as a ROM for the HTC Mozart. Install the ROM from the source link below at XDA-Forums, and your Mozart will be gifted the update – known as NoDo – as well as have any network branding (Orange, for example) removed from its OS.

We’re still not sure of the exact date that Microsoft will be rolling out the NoDo update properly, but it should be this month. If you install the ROM, let us know how you get on via the T3 Twitter feed.

Link: ROM available at XDA-Forums