Windows 8 Pro upgrade confirmed to cost £14.99

Microsoft takes on Mac OS with similar pricing bracket

While there is still no cost for Microsoft’s re-styled multi-format OS Windows 8 current Windows 7 customers can breath a sigh of relief as upgrading is cheap

With the official Microsoft Windows 8 release date set to occur before the end of the year Microsoft and co. and have launched a campaign allowing PCs bought from 2nd June 2012 to 31st January 2013 to upgrade to the new Microsoft operating system for just £15.

Microsoft has yet to announce the full cost of Windows 8 but for comparison, Windows 7 will still set you back a cool £100 – making the small sum of £14.99 seem quite reasonable.

This could be Microsofts first attempt to tackle Apple head on as their pricing scheme has always been traditionally lower than Microsoft's by a significant margin with the new Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion set to continue the trend.

Microsoft has dramatically altered their latest OS by eradicating the traditional ‘start’ menu and replacing it instead with the tiled Metro interface seen in Windows Phone. It is difficult to predict if this drastic change will encourage or deter users but the upgrade fee does provide a financial incentive.

Its worth noting that Microsoft’s stripped down netbook OS, Windows 7 Starter Edition, is not eligible for the upgrade.

For full details about the upgrade and how to claim your download visit or see what T3 thought of the new OS offering from Microsoft.