White iPhone 4 landing 27 February?

Missing iPhone edges ever closer to release

Best Buy listing follows Vodafone Germany's unintentional unveiling.

Still jonesing for a white iPhone 4 despite delays that would make even London Underground blush? Well step this way, because more tidbits about the brightly-hued Apple blower have just landed online.

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After Vodafone Germany listed the phone in its inventory, now Best Buy has followed suit over in the States, with two listings for the phone. One is for the 16GB model, the other, unsurprisingly, for the 32GB model. Both claim the white iPhone 4 will be up for grabs on 27 February.

It’s been noted that the listings are exactly the same as one’s posted by Best Buy in summer 2010 when it began pre-orders for the device, only for Apple to say it wasn’t available.

We’ve come this close before to a white iPhone 4 release, so don’t go holding your breath. And with the iPhone 5 just months away, you have to ask whether it’s really worth nabbing a new one now.

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Via MacRumors