Twitter records 20 billionth tweet since launching in 2006

Micro-blogging site adds recommended followers

Twitter reaches milestone 20 billion tweets

Micro-blogging social network site, Twitter has celebrated the 20 billionth tweet to be sent since its foundation in 2006 over the weekend, adding a number of features that improves the way users will be paired with those they follow.

Now one of the most famous Twitter users in the world, a graphic designer for Tokyo that goes by the screen name ‘GGGGGGo-Lets-Go’ sent the site’s 20 billionth at 3.44pm on Saturday with the rather innocuous message: “So that means the barrage might come back later all at once."

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Whilst this fraction of a conversation is seemingly meaningless on its own, the tweet has seen its sender flooded with messages of congratulations all based around the message’s URL suffix ‘20000000000’. Responding to his newfound Twitter stardom, GGGGGGo-Lets-Go later tweeted “I’m grateful and humbled by those who are visiting because of my 20billionth tweet. Be warned, I tweet a lot about baseball.”

In a somewhat homage to fierce rivals Facebook, Twitter has introduced a ‘suggestions for you’ feature that recommends a list of people it believes individual users might be interested in following based on a number of personal algorithm parameters.

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