Tesco Mobile launch UK's cheapest mobile contract

£6 a month deal targets the youth market

Supermarket giant unveils SIM-only deal with unlimited texts

Tesco’s latest foray into the phone-selling business has produced what they claim to be the Britain’s cheapest monthly contract.

Priced at £6 a month, the Tesco is offering 100 minutes and unlimited texts on the no-frills deal.

The budget price plan is based on research conducted by Tesco Mobile which reveals 77.6% of mobile owners say monthly costs are the biggest deciding factor when choosing a new tariff.

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CEO of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms, Lance Batchelor said: "This deal is ideal for a younger market or any text addict out there who doesn't want to have to fork out a large amount each month but still wants to use their mobile to their hearts content.”

As well as the low cost, the contract runs on a rolling monthly basis and they can receive Tesco Clubcard points for paying the bill, potentially making this one of the best budget phone deals around.

Link: Tesco