Spotify iPod syncing, wireless iPhone sync and MP3 store revealed

Plus mobile app now available to all users

New update takes aim at iTunes as service becomes one-stop music shop.

Spotify has just rolled out a major update, which is set to put it on a collision course with iTunes. The Swedish streaming service now lets you manage your iPod directly within its desktop app, as well as buy tunes via the new Spotify download service.

It means that iPod owners can bust out of the Apple ecosystem and do all their digital music dealings in Spotify instead. The iPod nano, Classic and Shuffle are all supported and appear in the new ‘devices’ section when you plug them into your Mac or PC.

The new Spotify music store is set to offer tracks for as little as 50p a pop, as the service looks to move beyond its tie-up with 7Digital and let you buy your playlists in an easier fashion.

But it’s the changes to the Spotify Mobile app that are bound to get Apple het up. Not only are the iPhone and Android add-ons now available to Spotify Free as well as Spotify Premium users, they can also sync your tunes wirelessly, a feature conspicuous by its absence in iTunes.

All you need to do is open the Spotify app up using your home Wi-Fi network and your iPhone or Android blower will appear in the devices section, ready for you to transfer tracks. It’s a major breakthrough for an app that’s been sluggish and awkward until now. Wireless syncing also works with the iPod touch.

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