Spotify app for iPad spotted in image?

Image spied ahead of release for long-awaited Apple iPad app?

While Spotify have an app on almost all mobile operating systems from Android to Windows Phone the iPad has remained unloved, up until now?

An image has appeared on the web showing what appears to be an upcoming Spotify app iPad prompting speculation that Spotify could finally be releasing the much-anticipated tablet variant of the mobile app.

Already available on a number of operating systems including Android, BlackBerry and most recently Windows Phone, the iOS version has always been limited to just the iPhone.

This could be about to change however after The Verge got a peak at what looks to be a full version of the Spotify app running on an unspecified Apple tablet.

The image shows what appears to be the same tiled layout that can be found on the Twitter app for iPad, interestingly the image shows a screen which is lacking an app section suggesting that Spotify has kept this functionality to the desktop version.

Source: The Verge