Sony PSP Phone caught on video ahead of launch

Sony PSP Phone to launch next week as the Z1?

PSP Phone to be rebranded the Sony Ericsson Z1

The repeatedly rumoured and long awaited PSP phone looks set to enter the realms of reality as it appears in a sneaky hands-on video in Greece.

The source of the video, which shows a man using a device that strongly resembles the mooted PSP phone leaked by Engadget recently, claims that the device will drop the PSP moniker prior to arrival and launch as the Sony Ericsson Z1.

The rumoured handset, which looks set to be officially unveiled on December 9th following the leaked arrival of an event invitation, is reported to run version 2.3, Gingerbread, of Google’s mobile operating system Android.

Whilst the video does seem to suggest the imminent arrival of the Sony Ericsson Z1, the lack of PSP branding in the device’s name appears to hint towards a lack of access to the full Sony PSP online catalogue.

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