Sony PS3 price drop not happening

Rumours debunked by the Playstation execs

But could that change following a slim Xbox 360?

Rubbishing rumours of an imminent PS3 price cut, Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK sales director Mark Howsen says a possible price reduction hasn’t even been discussed at the company.

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This announcement comes after eagle-eyed gaming fans noticed a temporary price drop of $100 on the Sony Style retail site in North America last week. Added to the discovery of Sony’s two recently registered new PS3 models in the US, rumours have been rife of an imminent Playstation 3 price cut.

However, Howsen has denied that a cut is on the cards: “In terms of price drop, I have no idea. There’s been no discussion internally about that at all. At the moment we’re enjoying good year-on-year growth and as long as that continues we’ll keep on going I think.”

Sony has since claimed that the provisional price drop was “just an error on the website.” Fair enough, but with Microsoft looking set to showcase a new, slimmer Xbox 360 at E3 this week, we wouldn’t rule out a price drop entirely in the near future.