Sony PlayStation Vita storage media pictured

PS Vita memory cards spotted in the wild at E3

PSP Vita memory cards snapped with four storage variants

Memory cards for the upcoming Sony PlayStation Vita have been caught in the wild with four storage options snapped doing the rounds at E3.

Whilst Sony has yet to formerly unveil what form its new portable console’s game cartridges will take, memory cards spotted at the Vita E3 showing have revealed Sony plans to release four sizes of memory card for the device with 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB offerings all available.

Looking very much like standard microSD cards, the memory cards will bolster the Vita’s standard inbuilt flash storage that will allow developers to produce programmes befitting to the console’s minimum performance capabilities.

With Sony revealing last week that Vita consoles are not likely to be region locked, allowing for seamless pairing of peripherals, the leaked memory cards are to allow gamers to download and store gaming content from the PSP store without slowing the device.

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Via: CVG