Smartphones need more style than substance says Samsung

Exclusive: Samsung suggest consumers more interested in design than features

In an exclusive interview with T3, Samsung's UK Sales Director has suggested consumers are more interested in design and style then features when buying new smartphone handset

As smartphones become increasingly powerful and packed full of bells and whistles a director for the world’s largest handset manufacturer, Samsung, has claimed users want better looking not higher performing devices.

Speaking exclusively with T3, Andrew Glass, Sales Director at Samsung UK suggested handset ability often falls behind its physical appearance with smartphone buyers as handsets slowly transform into little more than the latest must have fashion accessory.

“Style is often more important than substance to smartphone consumers, Glass told T3. “It’s definitely a part of the buying decision, I think style is certainly big on the agenda for most people buying mobiles now.”

Glass’ words echo those of RIM’s UK Managing Director Stephen Bates who in an exclusive interview with T3 last month said: “Smartphones have become like a fashion accessory

“It matters what they look like, it matters what brand they are, it matters what the look and feel is so that you can not only have a very functionally usable device, but you have something you can be proud of.”

Samsung Galaxy S II Specs

Talking following the Samsung Galaxy S II being named Phone of the Year at the T3 Gadget Awards 2011, Glass said of the 1.2GHz dual-core, 8-megapixel camera packing Android behemoth: “Sometimes it is difficult when you have a product that is technically innovative to be able to capture that and make it cool.”

He added: “I think the Galaxy S II has actually got that coolness, its got the style and is attracting the fashioneastas.”

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