Apple fans hit out at Samsung anti-iPhone advert

Apple's fans have started ripping into Samsung's adverts that mock the iPhone 5

Apple fans have started tearing into Samsung's new advert for the Galaxy S3 smartphone which mocks the iPhone 5

Never underestimate the power of fanboy rage. Just when it looked like Samsung was fully prepared to escalate its war of words with rival Apple by issuing an advert for its Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone which took a pop at Apple's iPhone 5, Apple fans have started to turn the tables.

A story published on Gizmodo has posted the creative efforts of Apple fans spoofing the Samsung advert which bore the tagline "It Doesn't Take A Genius", making fun of the "genius" employees who offer customer service at Apple's retail Stores.

The original Samsung advery listed a comparison of both handsets' specifications and features, with the iPhone 5 coming off second best, so naturally, some of the fan-made mock-ups tweak this formula in Apple's favour, Fans have chosen to highlight the iPhone 5's iCloud synching capabilities and its polished design over its rival, while also listing why they think some of Samsung's highlighted specifications aren't necesarrily an edge the Galaxy S3 has over Apple's new smartphone.

The mock-ups also replace Samsung's original caption with tags such as "Don't Settle For Cheap Plastic" and "It Doesn't Take A Genius... To Know Who Is Just A Bully."

As cheeky as these mock-ups - and they advert they're based on - are, they are unlikely to make much of an impression on the iPhone 5's sales. Pre-orders for Apple's latest smartphone have already smashed the 2 million mark.

Source: Gizmodo