Samsung Galaxy S4 design predicted to be ‘more Note 2 than S3’

Samsung to revamp industrial design with S4 launch, expert tells T3

Samsung must stay ahead of the chasing pack with an innovative hardware design, when it launches the Galaxy S4, according to one expert

The soon-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy S4 device is expected to take a physical form more closely resembling the Galaxy Note 2 phablet, rather than the Galaxy S3, according to one mobile analyst.

Charles Golvin, a mobile devices expert with research firm Forrester says Samsung must continue to innovate in hardware design “in order to maintain success.”

He told T3: “I don't expect the screen to exceed 5 inches and, while I can't offer specifics, I do expect a modified industrial design — more like the Galaxy Note 3 than the S3.”

Golvin says other aspects of the phone will be debated until the launch event in New York on March 14, but her expects better battery performance and further display and camera improvements.

He also predicted that the device could introduce front-facing speakers for the first time as Samsung seeks to improve the overall audio quality on the S4.

“Samsung has been at the forefront in terms of specs, and I expect that will continue. It's not clear whether the S4 will carry Samsung's octo-core processor or a Qualcomm quad core, but I expect a combination of processor, 2 GB RAM minimum, and expanded battery to provide high performance with extended battery life,” Golvin told T3.

“The other areas of hardware development will be in the camera, both still and video, a 1080p HD display as well as audio, perhaps with front facing speakers.”

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