Samsung flexible AMOLED displays show future at CES

4.5-inch bendy AMOLED displays shown off at CES

Samsung outs future of bendy displays

Bringing the future to reality Samsung has demoed its prototype flexible AMOLED display that could soon find itself the screen of choice for the company’s smartphone and tablet devices.

Measuring up at 4.5-inches across and less than 0.3mm thick, the bendy AMOLED display boasts a WVGA 800 x 480p resolution and can be rolled up to a cylinder just one centimetre across.

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Despite being a reported five years from entering consumer available products, this malleable future tech opens up new avenues in portable devices with bendy displays increasing the possibility of clothing incorporated technology and more rugged, lifestyle-friendly gadgets.

Currently being demonstrated in a fully functional media player, Samsung’s flexible AMOLED display might have been overshadowed by the company’s unveiling of the TX100 tablet slider or the MacAir inspired ZX310 but is likely to have the greatest impact on our future tech use than any other product adorning Sammy's CES 2011 stand.

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Via: Dvice