Quincy Jones gets signature Harman AKG headphones

AKG line to feature over-ear, on-ear and in-ear cans

Quincy has only ever trusted AKG headphones, apparently

We've seen Dr Dre's Monster Beats, Snoop Dogg's Skullcandy Skull Crushers and now another legendary artist is on board with the signature lines after Harman announced its Quincy Jones series AKG headphones.

The legendary musician and producer, who was behind the desk for Michael Jackson's Thriller album, has signed on to launch the Q701, Q460 and Q350 cans, which will be available from October 2010.

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The top of the range reference-class over-ear Q701 headphones, followed by the on-ear Q460s and the in-ear Q350 buds. Harman say prices will range from 59-499 Euros. We're awaiting UK pricing.

Here's some marketing speil for you: "Music is so much more than notes on a sheet of paper,” said Quincy.

“When it’s created with passion, with soul, we get something that is greater than ourselves – and it can move us deeply. Throughout my entire career, I have trusted only AKG to deliver the highest standard of sound – the same standard I hold myself to when I make my music.”


Link: Harman