PSJailbreak sold out

Hack flies off shelves as Sony plots PlayStation networks bans

Mod proving so successful that there are none left for avid PS3 gamers.

PSJailbreak, the USB-based hack which lets you play backed-up games without the need for a disc on the PS3, has sold out.

In a statement on its website, PSJailbreak’s maker Shoppsjailbreak said, “We are sorry to say that we are currently not accepting sales online for the PS Jailbreak as we are currently out of stock.” However, the statement goes on to say that it’s expecting a new shipment, with punters able reserve one by emailing in.

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Doubtless this will provoke Sony’s ire even further. The Big S is said to be plotting PlayStation Network bans for those users who go online while using the PSJailbreak.

Sony is yet to officially comment on PSJailbreak, but you can expect a firmware fix to stop it in its tracks very soon. What do you think of PSJailbreak? Have you already got it? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.