Official Google Voice App finally hits iPhone

Thumbs up for Big G's controversial add-on

Free texts and cheap international calls for US users. So when do us Brits get a piece of the action?

The Official Google Voice App has finally landed on the App Store, bringing an end to over a year of controversy. The add-on was initially banned by Apple for breaching its strict guidelines, but has been allowed in following a relaxation of the rules a couple of months back.

The extra, which is already available as a web app, allows punters in the US to make bargain international calls, send free texts to US numbers and even offers voicemail transcription. It had been stopped in its tracks by Apple because it mimicked core iPhone functionality.

Push notifications will let you know when you’ve got messages and a special Direct Access Numbers feature will let users makes calls as quickly as if they were using a non-VoIP service.

The official app follows the unofficial GV add-on, which rocked up in the App Store earlier this year. Sadly, Google says this is very much a US only effort right now, with no word on when Big G fans in the wider world will get a chance to play.

Link: Google Voice Blog