Nokia N9 will not get UK release

MeeGo handset will be missing the UK altogether says Nokia

The Nokia N9 will never officially see our shores leaving us with the prospect of Windows Phone 7, at Christmas

Nokia has confirmed that it's unibody MeeGo powered Nokia N9 will not only be avoiding the US entirely but also the United Kingdom as well.

The company has confirmed that as yet it has no plans to bring the phone to either country, instead focusing on slowly removing Symbian from our memories and replacing it with the idea of Nokia and Windows Phone 7. From a business point of view, this move does make some sense: with the company raving about Windows Phone 7 so much, to release a new OS into the wild might prove confusing.

This doesn't however mean it's a good thing. From what we've seen of the handset, the OS looked to be a real winner while the specs were some of the best and well put together that Nokia have managed in a while (If you don't believe us, check out the video footage grabbed below on the handset).

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