Nokia N8 pre-orders begin

New flagship phone gets Vodafone release date

New multimedia Nokia flagship arrives on October 22nd.

If you absolutely can't wait to get your hands on Nokia's latest N8 handset, Vodafone has good news for you: you can now pre-order the handset from Vodafone online - and save yourself some cash, too.

Vodafone customers can pick up the handset for free on contract for £30 per month if they buy it online from Vodafone, along with all the usual text-and-calls bells and whistles.. Voda also has the N8 exclusively in green, if that floats your boat.

The N8 is Nokia's new flagship phone and has a lot crammed into its - admittedly chunkier - body. For the girth you get a whopping 12MP of camera with a proper, xenon flash, HD video shooting, Dolby Mobile sound and an OLED screen.

Vodafone say they plan to send out the Nokia N8 pre-orders on October 22nd. You can read our full review of the Nokia N8 here.