Nokia Kinetic Display previewed at Nokia World

Bendable display that can be controlled through moving it

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While the Nokia Lumia 800 was clearly the star of the show, Nokia World isn't just about one product and hidden away in the Future Lounge were some of Nokia's concept products

Nokia has showcased what it calls the Nokia Kinetic Display at Nokia World 2011 in London, a prototype device which can be used by actually bending the product.

While some of the products on show were not exactly game-changing this device looks as though it truly could be, featuring a fully bendable screen which is then inside a completely bendable device. Using an unknown operating system and featuring even more unknown specs it is truly a concept device, but with a workable, usable model available it's a clear indication that we could be seeing tech like this in mainstream gadgets sooner than we think.

By twisting the device you're able to select up or down, then to access a function you bend the whole device towards you, with back being the opposite. There are a whole slew of videos of this on the net but the one below highlights the capabilities of the device perfectly.

What do you think, is a bendable device a look into the future or just a gimmick? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Nokia Kinetic Display: Demo

Source: TheNokiaBlog