New Milo demo for Kinect "ten times more amazing"

Peter Molyneux says revamped demo eclipses E3 2009 version

Milo to live in the clouds and not in a box

Peter Molyneux confirmed his commitment to the Microsoft Kinect cause by unveiling a new version of Milo, one of the first titles to show off the Microsoft Kinect's capabilities when it was unveiled at E3 last year.

Molyneux, the man who brought us such gaming delights as Theme Park and Fable I and II, took to the stage at a TED Global technology event in Oxford to give a presentation which centered around the Kinect-based title that gives you control over a virtual character named Milo.

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Echoing the type of moral choices that made his Fable game series so popular, Milo revealed similar human-like depth as the lead character is shown squashing a snail, having initially hesitated on giving the slimy creature a swift death. Molyenux also showed Milo being taught to skim stones, and a whole range of AI-driven facial responses.

To ensure Milo enjoys a long game life, Milo will not be your standard boxed title but will run off a cloud server. For Kinect gamers this means Milo will be allowed to change, get smarter and adapt to different situations. There's no news on a release date for Milo, but we would fully expect a launch close to the arrival of the Kinect hardware.

In other Kinect-related news Mass Effect 3 could launch with support for Microsoft’s motion-sensing marvel after co-founder of Bioware Greg Zeschuk told that they would be looking at ways of incorporating Kinect in future titles. Zeschuk did however stress that it would have to fit within the context of the RPG game.

Supposed screenshots of a Kinect dashboard have also surfaced which would see a major makeover for the Xbox 360 interface for some time. You can check out the Kinect Xbox 360 dashboard screenshots here.

Link: (Via CVG & Play)