New iPad newspaper subscription plan rumoured

Apple plotting new way to rival Amazon Kindle

Apple said to be readying new way to get your morning paper.

Tech gossip mongers are talking up new Apple plans for bringing newspapers to the iPad, with Cupertino said to be readying a subscription model for the bestselling slate.

According to Mercury News in the US, Jobs and co are hatching a plan which will see them take a 30 per cut of subscription costs, as well as 40 per cent chunk of ad money.

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The papers would then get access to information about subscribers, letting them target their ads more specifically. This is all tittle tattle for now though, and no newspapers have been confirmed as part of this new look deal.

You can already lay your mitts on The New York Times and The Times on the iPad, and such apps were supposed to be a cornerstone of the iPad when it first dropped. Apple will be hoping any new deal will help it corner the paper market and give it an edge over the Amazon Kindle.

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