MySpace drops from UK's 10 leading social networks

Former social giant now less popular than Stumble Upon and Moshi Monster

As Facebook climbs, MySpace is on its way out with the former giant of the social scene now out of the UK's 10 most popular social networks

Former social networking behemoth MySpace has dropped out of the UK's list of the 10 most popular online social services for the first time, being replace by the likes of Stumble Upon.

Whilst the figures, compiled by Experian Hitwise, have played fast and loose with the term social network, the rapid decline of the sector's former powerhouse is evident with MySpace now being visited less frequently than the likes of Moneysavingexpert and the Moshi Monster website.

"MySpace traffic has been on the decline for at least three years now but this is the first time the social network has fallen out of the Experian Hitwise top 10," said James Murray of chart tracking service Experian Hitwise.

"In its place, Stumble Upon has risen in the rankings and is now the UK's tenth most popular social network.

"As the social media landscape continues to evolve, brands need to be aware of the fast moving trends and which social sites people are visiting"

Social Networking UK Popularity Charts

Leading the way in the UK, and most other countries across the world, is unsurprisingly Facebook with a staggering 52 per cent share of the market.

Whilst YouTube beat Twitter to second with the micro blogging service rounding out the podium, Yahoo Answers, Gumtree and LinkedIn filled positions four through six respectively. With TUmblr in seventh ahead of Moneysavingexpert and Moshi Monster in ninth Stumble Upon completed the top ten with a minimalist 0.36 per cent market share to oust MySpace.

Do you still use MySpace or has your account be left to gather virtual dust much like your pong high score and VHS tapes? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: TechRadar