Microsoft Windows 8 tablets hidden in unveiling video?

HP could be about to bring the Windows 8 dream to life

Blurred out images could be new hardware range

The web’s moving to the sound of Windows 8. Microsoft has finally lifted the lid on its rival to the iPad and its next PC operating system all in one. You can read the full Windows 8 details here, but something aside from the official word has caught our eye…

If you look at the sections where MS’ Jensen Harris is talking, he’s standing in a room full of concepts and print offs. In the wider shots the paper on the far right of the wall has been blurred out. Why?

We don’t exactly have access to CSI-style zooming, enhancing and clarification tech at T3, but if you ask us those blurry shapes are almost definitely tablets. It doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to assume that they’re confirmed Windows 8 tablets. Why else would MS have them blurred out?

In the demo, the monitor being used is an HP number. Given how closesly HP has worked with Microsoft in the past, we can only suggest that the blurred out hardware is a selection of HP tablets, and that HP will be among the first hardware partners signed up when Windows 8 lands.

What do you think? Sound logic or jumping to conclusions? Let us know your thoughts on the T3 Twitter feed. Check out the video below to have a look for yourself: