Microsoft to launch Office for iPad and Android in November?

Reports say company will remove shackles form productivity suite later this year

Microsoft Office will arrive on iPad and Android in November according to reports. The productivity suite is only available on Windows Phone and Symbian devices at present

While there are ways to access versions of Microsoft Word through apps like CloudOn and OnLive Desktop, we're still keen to see the company launch a touch-optimised iteration of its world leading productivity suite for the iPad.

Rumours have been speculating for months that Redwood will out Word, Excel and Powerpoint for the iPad, but BGR reckons it has the scoop on the launch date, claiming it'll arrive in November this year.

Android users will also be in luck, according to the blog, with a full launch for slates running Google's operating system.

The reports also pointed out that, according to a source who has seen them in action, the apps will be identical to those previewed in The Daily iPad newspaper earlier this year. Microsoft had initially denied they were authentic.

Is Microsoft Word top of your most-wanted app list or are you happy with Evernote or Pages or the scores of other tablet-centric alternatives? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: BGR