Microsoft planning Windows 8 with 3D UI, says source

Italian leak reveals radical overhaul from Windows 7 'Aero'

...But it'll probably only be on the top spec Windows packages

A source close to Microsoft has lifted the lid on some Windows 8 features, despite Windows 7 only being a year into its lifespan. The source has told Italian website Windows 8 Italia that the current ‘Aero’ UI on Windows will be dropped in favour of ‘Wind’.

The Wind interface will be fully 3D and completely customisable, although there’s not much detail beyond that. What we do know is that a 3D OS will likely be a train on lesser machines.

The leak claims that your machine will need 170mb of video memory set aside for the thing, which means the 3D features may well be limited to the 64-bit Windows 8 package – for higher-end users. Would you be keen on a power-hungry 3D interface? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.

Link: Via Electronista