Microsoft IllumiRoom projects Xbox games into your surroundings

Could this be the future of gaming?

While it had no keynote at this year's CES, Microsoft just can’t resist giving its loyal fans something to look forward too. IllumiRoom is definitely that, an immersive gaming experience that extends the action from the TV

Microsoft is set to completely change the way we play games, putting the person right in the centre of the action with its new IllumiRoom system, a Kinect sensor, console and projector all working together to being the most immersive gaming experience.

Gaming will no longer just be confined to the TV set, but extended to the whole room, through a projector positioned behind the player, communicating with Microsoft’s hugely popular Kinect system.

Microsoft showed off a short clip of how the IllumiRoom will work, which is to say covering the whole back wall and ceiling with images from the Xbox, giving the feeling of actually being in the game. Microsoft also stated that the content shown was filmed in real time and not at all rendered.

Some of the team who are part of the project said: “Our system can change the appearance of the room, induce apparent motion, extend the field of view, and enable entirely new game experiences.”

We at T3 are positively salivating at the idea of having this in our living rooms. Imagine games like Halo and Call of Duty on this system? Truly next generation.

Currently tucked away in some mysterious corner of Microsoft’s research and development department, the jury's out on when we’ll see this come to store. Could it be part of the upcoming Xbox 720? We’ll just have to wait and see - in the meantime, check out the video for yourself.