Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard concept touted (with video)

Changing keys and in-built screen point to future of QWERTYs

Time to get excited about keyboards kids, with new Microsoft concept showing the way.

Keyboards aren’t usually the centre of excitement here at T3 Towers, but Microsoft’s new Adaptive concept is definitely something worth getting het up about.

The new QWERTY effort is part of a design contest centred around user interfaces. But don’t let that put you off. This idea is a winner, with a built-in screen at the top to show off document previews and even Powerpoint slides, letting you see what comes next in your presentation without scooching windows around on the main panel.

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You can even drag windows around on the keyboard, with the keys themselves also taking on extra functionality. Press down the Windows button and you’ll see the shortcuts available to you where letters would normally be, meaning you don’t need to memorise which buttons to press.

Of course, this is all just a pipe dream right now. But don’t be surprised to see a keyboard similar to this rock up in the future.

Via Microsoft Hardware Blog