LG C900 Windows Phone 7 handset spotted

New QWERTY slider with WP7 spied in the wild

New-look effort set to land in US, but no news on UK release.

Windows Phone 7 is edging ever closer and the handset leaks are coming thick and fast. Following on from HTC Mondrian, now the LG C900 has been given the leak treatment, being shown off in all its QWERTY glory.

The new Microsoft-friendly slider is set to land with a capacitive touchscreen, two touch sensitive buttons and a chrome Windows key slapped on the bottom.

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Having slipped into the hands of Engadget, this is a US-only effort for now, with the C900 slathered in AT&T branding. Whether us Brits will be feeling the love from LG remains to be seen.

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Via Engadget