Lenovo updates entire laptop and All-in-One PC line

Y, V and Z Series IdeaPads join A B and C Series IdeaCentres

See pics of the full Lenovo range at CES2011.T3.com

Lenovo, purveyor of some of the most criminally underrated PCs and laptops in the business, has rocked up at CES this year with an absolute arsenal of new machines. The laptops and all-in-one desktops are pretty beasts, but seem to have some pretty healthy specs to boot. Read on for the full details; we’ll try to do this as painlessly as possible…

Y470, Y570 and Y570d IdeaPad Laptops
The Y Series laptops are comprised of one 14-inch and two 15.6-inch LED models. While all three comfortably fit Intel Core i7, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and up to 1TB of storage into their seams, the Y570 stands out by boasting 3D, and a pair of 3D specs as standard. The base price will be $900 (£575) When they land in May.

V370, V470 and V570 IdeaPad Laptop

13.3-inch, 14-inch and 15.6-inch multimedia machines with varying levels of NVIDIA GeForce graphics, Blu-Ray drives and HDMI outs on top of similar specs to the Y Series. Yours for $600 (£383) in April.

Z370, Z470 and Z570 IdeaPad Laptop
The Z Series models have the same screen seizes as the V, but are the big daddies of the new lineup. They have Core 2011 CPUs, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, up to NVIDIA GeForce 525M 2GB graphics and Blu-Ray. The Z’s release date and cost remain a mystery, but we’ll keep you informed.

T3 at CES 2011
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A320 IdeaCentre All-in-One
The A Series is the slimmest, most attractive number, with a 21.5-inch full HD screen. It’s somehow stuffed with a 2.30GHz Intel Core i5 2nd generation CPU, 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM and a maximum of 750GB internal storage.

B520 IdeaCentre All-in-One
The B520 ups the ante to a 23-inch display, 16GB of RAM, Blu-Ray support and a whopping 2TB hard drive. There’s also Lenovo’s clever three-in-one mouse, which doubles as a Wiimote-style wand for wave-controlled browsing. The A and B Series desktops will be out in June, starting at $700 (£447).

C205 IdeaCentre All-in-One
Sitting on the budget end of Lenovo’s All-in-one spectrum, the C Series PC brings the screen size down to an 18.5-inch display. That said, there’s still AMD Radeon HD 6310 Series graphics, 8GB of RAM and 500GB internal storage. It’ll set you back just $450 (£287).