Kindle beats books to be crowned eReader of Christmas

New stats show that 92% of eReaders bought were Kindle's

Known for being hugely secretive about the success of its Kindle eReader, it now appears as though Amazon really has nothing to worry about, even slightly

The Amazon Kindle has been firmly crowned as the eReader of Christmas for the UK with YouGov publishing figures suggesting that of the approximate 1.33 million eReaders bought, 92 per cent of them were the Amazon Kindle.

Carried out between the 28 December and 3 January YouGov asked over 2000 UK residents what they had received for Christmas, with the resulting stats concluding that approximately 1 in 40 people in the UK got an Amazon Kindle for Christmas.

Looking at the statistics on a more microscopic scale and it turns out that if you live in London you were actually more likely to get an Apple iPad 2 with the Amazon Kindle being the least likely product.

Tablets also did incredibly well this year with around 640,000 having been gifted and 72 per cent of those iPad 2's. Finally if you want to get even deeper into the statistics then 60 per cent of those iPad 2's were gifted to women with men only getting 40 per cent.

There's been no official word on how well the Kindle Fire has done in the US we won't have long to wait as the tablet is set to be heading to the UK in just a few weeks.

What was your tech gift of Christmas, was it a tablet or an eReader? Let us know via the comments box below..

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