iPhone App News: Siri 'doubles' iPhone 4S data usage

Personal Assistant may be running up monthly bills

Have you checked your mobile bill since you got an iPhone 4S? Network experts reckon Siri is doubling data use over iPhone 4 users and could be costing people a small fortune in 3G charges

Apple iPhone 4S owners making use of the Siri personal assistant app are currently consuming double the mobile data compared to iPhone 4 users, according to network analysts

Bloomberg reports that customers run the risk of seeing big increases in their monthly bills, while mobile networks could buckle under the strain of rapidly increasing data usage.

“Voice is the ultimate human interface,” said Arieso Chief Technology Officer Michael Flanagan. “As you lower the barriers,” more and more people will make use of the increased functionality, he says.

Arieso, which advises carriers on data strategies, reached the verdict by analysing the data usage of over one million smartphone owners on an unnamed European network.

While iPhone 4S users are drinking twice as much 3G and Wi-Fi goodness as iPhone 4 users, largely thanks to frequenting Siri's talents, BlackBerry users on average consume about 20 per cent of the data of those rocking Apple's flagship device.

So, if you're the proud owner of an iPhone 4S, whose contract is not free from data restrictions, it might be an idea to keep an eye on your monthly bill, while resisting the urge to ask Siri stupid questions.

Link: Bloomberg (via Gizmodo)