iPad 2 release by end of next week?

Clues about release thanks to iOS 4.3 gossip

New software could be used to trail iPad 2 release.

The iPad 2 looks set to land by 13 February, with the forthcoming release of iOS 4.3 providing vital clues as to when the second-gen slate will finally be revealed.

The German Apple fanatics at MacNotes.de claim that Cupertino is plotting an event at the end of next week to show off the new version of the OS, which comes packing personal hotspot skills. Apple will use the gathering to tout iOS 4.3, before unveiling the iPad 2 as its “one more thing”.

iOS 4.3 is also the subject of a string of rumours, with Daring Fireball suggesting The Daily’s two-week free trial period will end of with the new software being revealed. The iPad-only paper requires in-app subscriptions smarts that only exist in iOS 4.3, with Verizon picking up the tab for users during an initial fortnightly grace period.

Either way, the new iPad is going to need iOS 4.3 in order to give it an edge and help it apply Apple’s new strict app guidelines for publishers. With its release apparently imminent, surely the iPad 2 will land alongside it.

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Via MacRumors