iPad 2 launch: Steve Jobs to take the stage?

Apple boss set for stunning comeback

Sources claim Jobs will make an appearance at today's iPad 2 event.

The unveiling of the iPad 2 has already got Apple fanboys in a tizzy. But they’ll be positively buzzing at gossip that Steve Jobs is set to take the stage in San Francisco later today and take some part in the sequel slate’s reveal.

Italian site Setteb.it claims that, “…information [it’s] gathered,” suggests Jobs will be at the Yerba Buena Center at 6pm UK time. Furthermore, the always spot on Kara Swisher of All Things D also reckons Jobs is, “…definitely considering,” showing his face,

Swisher intimates that it’s very much 50:50 at this stage, with Jobs still on medical leave, reportedly being treated for cancer. If he does show up, expect the hall to go completely bonkers, with plenty of questionable whooping and hollering.

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Via All Things D, 9to5mac